Free Trading Resources by Sidhant

30-Day Trading Plan – Transform Your Trading

Trading Plan

Transform your approach to trading with our 30-Day Trading Plan. This structured program includes daily tasks, strategies, and performance tracking, aimed at fostering discipline and consistent trading habits.

Step-by-Step Trading Guide for Beginners

Step-by-Step Trading Guide

Our comprehensive video guide for beginners is the perfect resource to start your trading journey. Learn essential trading concepts, strategies, and tips through a step-by-step approach, designed to build your confidence and knowledge.

Find My Edge – Sharpen Your Trading Decisions

Find My Edge - Trading Journal

Gain a competitive edge in the trading world with 'Find My Edge.' Our tool provides insights and strategies to enhance your trading decisions, helping you identify your unique differentiator in the dynamic market

Free Trading eBooks – Expand Your Knowledge

eBooks by Community

Dive into our extensive collection of free eBooks, covering various aspects of trading. From basic concepts to advanced strategies and market analysis, these resources are designed to broaden your understanding and enhance your trading skills.

Join Our Live Market Trading Community on Discord

Live Market Community

Connect with our vibrant trading community on Discord. Engage in real-time discussions, share market insights, and receive support from experienced traders. It's an ideal place for networking and gaining valuable market perspectives.

Nifty Range Calculator – Precision Forecasting

Nifty Range Calculator

Utilize our Nifty Range Calculator for precise market forecasting. This tool helps traders predict market movements, aiding in better planning and strategy formulation. It's a valuable asset for informed trading.

Intraday Stock Scanner – Spot Opportunities

Intraday Stock Scanner

Our Intraday Stock Scanner is a powerful tool for identifying high-potential stocks quickly. Make informed decisions by scanning the market for profitable opportunities using real-time data and analysis.

Trading Rules & Plan – Build Your Trading Discipline

Discipline Builder - Trading Rules

Establish a solid foundation for your trading with our Trading Rules & Plan. This comprehensive guide helps you create effective strategies, manage risk, and maintain discipline, paving the way for trading success.

BackTesting Tool – Unlock Profitable Trades

BackTesting Your Setups

Maximize your trading potential with our advanced BackTesting Tool. Analyze past performance, test strategies, and refine your approach to trading. It's an essential tool for validating your methods and improving your decision-making.

Intraday Stock Scanner – Spot Opportunities

Delta Exchange Brokerage Calculator

Our Delta Exchange Brokerage Calculator is a crucial tool for optimizing your investment decisions. Calculate and compare brokerage fees, understand your trade's profitability, and make smarter investment choices.