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Frequently asked questions

I've been doing these lives for a while now and these are the most commonly asked questions

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I am 26 year old and I’ve spent close to a decade dabbling in the markets.

I trade everything. My heart is with option buying in BankNifty but if an opportunity presents, I trade anywhere.

Forex is illegal and Crypto attracts 30% tax. I have other ways to trade them while following the law and not falling victim to the negative aspects of trading such instruments.

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This is a beginner friendly playlist where you can learn how to trade and get started. Remember, risk only the money you are willing to lose. It’s a ‘RISK’.

There are certain things I will not be sharing on the internet due to theย  ‘nazar’ factor.

Things like my family life, net worth, & your bhabhi’s details.

I’d like to keep my private life… private!

P.S.-The bling is not the way I want to bring you to the markets. If you enjoy the process, money is a byproduct.

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Trading journal allows you to find your edge which is crucial for any trading success.

How To Trade for Beginners

Use This beginner friendly playlist available on Youtube for self paced trading knowledge.

Ultimate Framework for trading

DAT Framework will completely transform your trading and 10x your accuracy.

best mindset for a trader

You must have heard trading is 20% chart and 80% psychology. Learn how to fix your trading psychology.