Trading With Sidhant Coin $TWSC Explained

TWS Coin

Welcome to the TWSC Rewards Program

TWSC, short for Trading with Sidhant Coin, is our exclusive loyalty reward system designed to enhance your engagement and experience within our community. Here’s everything you need to know about earning and redeeming TWSC.

What is TWSC?

TWSC is a virtual currency you can earn by participating in our live streams, engaging with content, and supporting the channel. These coins can be redeemed for a variety of exclusive rewards and benefits.

Think of TWSC as points in a rewards program. The more you participate, the more points you earn, which can then be used to unlock special features or rewards.

How to Earn TWSC

There are several ways to earn TWSC while enjoying our content and contributing to our community:

  1. Watch and Engage:
    Earn 25 TWSC for every 5 minutes of watching our live streams and participating in the chat.
    Example: Watching and chatting during a 30-minute live stream will earn you 150 TWSC.

  2. Super Chat Support:
    Earn 5 TWSC for every ₹1 spent on super chats.
    Example: Sending a super chat worth ₹40 will earn you 200 TWSC.

  3. Subscription:
    Earn 100 TWSC when you subscribe to the channel (this is required to redeem any rewards).

  4. Membership:
    Earn 500 TWSC when you become a member.

  5. Ask a Great Question:
    Earn 50 TWSC for asking a question that benefits the entire chat. If your question is insightful and adds value to the discussion, you’ll be rewarded with TWSC points.
    Example: Asking a question about market trends or trading strategies that leads to a deeper discussion will earn you 50 TWSC.

  6. Betting System:
    Participate in our betting system by betting TWSC on whether the market will go up or down by 0.5%. Use the command !bet to register your bet and !mybet to check what you have bet on. Win your bet to double your TWSC or lose the amount wagered.
    Example: Betting 100 TWSC and winning will result in 200 TWSC. Losing will result in forfeiting the 100 TWSC.

  7. Gamble Minigame:
    Use the command !gamble <points> to gamble with your TWSC by rolling a 100-sided die. You can gamble a minimum of 25 TWSC and a maximum of 3000 TWSC.
    Example: Typing !gamble 100 rolls the die and you either win 5x upto 500 or lose 100 TWSC based on the result.

  8. Duel for TWSC:
    Challenge other viewers to a duel for TWSC using the command !duel <username> <points>. Accept or deny duels with !accept or !deny, and cancel initiated duels with !cancel. The minimum duel amount is 25 TWSC, and the maximum is 300 TWSC.
    Example: Typing !duel @trader123 100 challenges @trader123 to a duel for 100 TWSC.

Redeem Your TWSC

Once you’ve earned enough TWSC, you can redeem them for a variety of exclusive rewards. Here’s what you can get:

  • 375 TWSC – Shoutout on Live Stream
    Command: !buy shout
    Redeem 375 TWSC to earn a shoutout from Sidhant during the live stream.

  • 1000 TWSC – Get Stock/Coin Analyzed
    Command: !buy analyze
    Redeem 1000 TWSC to have Sidhant analyze a stock or coin of your choice.

  • 1250 TWSC – Coin Fundamentals Analysis
    Command: !buy funda
    Redeem 1250 TWSC to have Sidhant analyze the fundamentals of a specific coin or stock during the live stream.

  • 2000 TWSC – Private Advanced Crypto Live
    Command: !buy priv
    Redeem 2000 TWSC to gain access to an exclusive private advanced live stream focused on cryptocurrency.

  • 2500 TWSC – 5-minute Live Call with Sidhant
    Command: !buy call
    Redeem 2500 TWSC to have a 5-minute live call with Sidhant on a live stream.

  • 3000 TWSC – Access to Pvt. Telegram Group
    Command: !buy tel
    Redeem 3000 TWSC to join the exclusive Crypto Baadshah Telegram group.

  • 3500 TWSC – 75% Discount on Crypto Course
    Command: !buy disc
    Redeem 3500 TWSC to get flat 75% discount on Sidhant’s Crypto Market Mastery Course worth ₹28,999.

  • 4000 TWSC – Exclusive Merchandise
    Command: !buy merch
    Redeem 4000 TWSC to get exclusive Trading with Sidhant merchandise.

  • 6000 TWSC – 2-week FREE Mentorship
    Command: !buy mentor
    Redeem 6000 TWSC to receive 2 weeks of free Elite Trader’s Mentorship Access.

  • 15000 TWSC – Exclusive Secret Course
    Command: !buy secret
    Redeem 15000 TWSC to unlock Sidhant’s Exclusive Secret Course worth ₹37,899 that is not available for purchase anywhere.


Start Earning and Redeeming Now!

Join our live streams, immerse yourself in the community, and start collecting TWSC. Unlock special rewards like shoutouts, in-depth analyses, and exclusive access to top-tier content and mentorship. TWSC is your gateway to a more enriched and engaging experience with Trading with Sidhant.

Ready to level up your trading journey? 🎉

For any questions or assistance, feel free to reach out during our live streams or contact our support team. We’re here to ensure you make the most of your time with us and reach your trading aspirations.